Baking diligently around the clock is not something we take (or bake) lightly.

Baking more than 50 years

Meir Beigel was founded 50 years ago in Ramat Hasharon, when two old friends hailing from Poland, Meir Brin and Arie Bagel, decided to start a business together. In 1963, the first Grissini breadsticks in the world came into being. Two years later the bakery launched a line of salty pretzel sticks. Over time, the original bakery grew and flourished, and its place in the market was stable despite zero advertising effort having been made. As their children were not involved in the enterprise, Aryeh and Meir ran the business themselves for some years.

In 1999, Ari passed away and Meir fell ill, so the enterprise was managed by a distribution company that belonged to Meir Beigel. Before long, the company was in serious trouble. Business slowed and the plant faced closure until about a year later, when Gilad Zilberberg stepped up to the plate. Zilberberg knew Meir and Aryeh from having worked with them as a sales manager in a packaging company. At the beginning of the year, once 11 factory employees had already received letters of dismissal due to the grim state of affairs, the purchase agreement for the company was signed with Zilberberg, and he became the owner of the Meir Beigel factory. He was able to set the company back in business eight months later. Today the company is the number 3 player in the baked snack category in Israel and sells baked snacks all over the glob.

When the most delicious meets the most healthy

We produce baked snacks, tastier and healthier.

For us, baking wholeheartedly means bringing our consumers the healthiest products of the highest quality and a taste you cannot forget.

We bake a pretzel, a flat pretzel (the most delicious in the world), Protein-rich pretzels from legume flour and Italian grissini and grissini crumbs, which make all schnitzels disappear from the plate.

The man who brought the Hi-tech industry to snacks

Gilad is an entrepreneur and industrialist in his soul. In 2001, just before Meir and Beigel's factory was closed, he acquired the plant in a surprising business move. With a lot of respect for the past and a vision for the future, he managed to put the plant on its feet quickly and turn it into a success story again.

It is an entrepreneur who knows how to dream, with a tremendous passion for doing and believing in a blue-and-white industry, which produces only products that he is happy to give his children to eat. Gilad brought to the plant an innovative and high-tech wind, and in 2011 transferred it to a new building at an investment of millions of shekels, with the most innovative production lines in the world and set strict standards of quality control.

Today Gilad, together with the professional and devoted staff of the factory, continues to bake with all his heart and lead Meir Bagel to new achievements

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