Meir Beigel Logo
  • 1962

    The new baking factory opens

    Meir Beigel was founded by two great friends Meir Brin and Arieh Beigel in 1962 and opened the new factory in Ramat Hasharon, Israel

  • 1963

    Introducing Grissini

    Meir Beigel is one of the first to introduce their delicious Grissini bread sticks to the Israeli market, which become a great success.

  • 1970

    Baking its way to the top

    Meir Beigel reaches 25% market share with their own branded products

  • 1990's

    The market changes

    New competitors enter the market and aggressively take over the market forcing Meir Beigel's market share to reduce dramatically

  • 2000

    Meir Beigel is acquired by Mr Gilad Zilberberg

    Gilad leverages the vast experience of Meir Brin and makes plans to take the company forward.

  • 2001

    A Fresh Start

    Gilad organizes a full upgrade for the factory and develops new products and packaging to rebuild market share.

  • 2011

    State of the Art Production Facility

    After years of planning, the Meir Beigel team move into their new state of the art production plant in Or akiva, near Ceasarea. The company doubles production facilities and develops a winning product called Pretzel Chips which takes the market by storm and increases market share to 25%

  • 2012

    The Baking Continues

    The Meir Beigel story continues by developing new exciting and innovating products, using only natural ingredients.

  • 2013

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