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There's nothing that opens Mr. Meir's heart more than opening the doors of his beloved bakery each morning and taking in the aroma of the fresh pretzels or tantalizing Grissini breadsticks just out of the oven.

The customers call him "Lovesick Meir", referring to the love of his life - his baked snacks. Which ones? Every type of pretzels and breadsticks. Each and every one!

“When baking - just bake!” says Meir. “Aim for the highest standards, the best ingredients, the most innovative machinery and the closest attention. Otherwise, it's a pretzel, but not THE pretzel.”

When the bakers love baking the pretzels, the customers will love eating them. This is the reason that Meir has been baking his pretzels for over
sixty years with all his heart, and there is always a line of customers waiting.

  • Home Salty

    This is where the magic happens

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  • History In The Baking

    60 years of pure baking goes along way

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  • The Meir Beigel
    Love Story

    It all started with a "Lovesick Meir"

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  • It's the crunch that counts